Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What If... by Lorraine Bennett


What If....
What if Rosa had stood when asked to give up her seat,
Hadn't fought her corner-had pandered to defeat?
What if Dr Martin had chose not to share his dream
had listened to the negative & turned the other cheek
what if Nelson M hadn't been willing to fight
to give up his freedom for what he knew was right
What if we all ignored the pain in a mothers eyes
chose to believe the media ,to buy into the lies
What if  your child was taken,slain behind closed doors
& when you asked for answers,your pleas were all ignored
What if your childs memory was tarnished for all to see
by the very ones who took him & they were left to walk free
What if we all stood by & refused to march or fight
couldn't find the strength to stand by what we know is right
What if it were you? would you want me to march in your name?
Want me to search for answers-find out who's to blame
So when You ask me why I march-what can possibly be acheived
I don't ask what if or why..I answer-no justice,no peace!
By Lorraine Bennett

Copyright Lorraine Bennett 2011