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Official Flyer/Poster - please share and print and distribute: we are relying on you.

and for all those that have lost their lives in police custody.

We call on you to march with us in Birmingham
 One People with One Aim: JUSTICE FOR ALL

 Message from Kedisha: (Kingsley Burrell's sister)
Kedisha Brown-Burrell (Kingsley's sister) addressing the crowds at the
March 4 Justice 4 Smiley Culture in London in April  
"I'm not just calling on ethnic minority but global majority to bridge the gap between institutionalised racism and custodial deaths.

As a community at large we need to join forces in support of my late brother Kingsley Burrell’s Campaign as one step forward in challenging current legislation. Out of many we are one strong diverse culture with strong religious beliefs. Therefore I take this opportunity to invite one and all to take part in the March for Justice on Saturday 2nd July 2011 to be held in Birmingham.

We owe it to ourselves to guide and protect our past present and future generations in breaking through the chains of mental and physical slavery and I urge you all to attend in order show your support in this ongoing fight against inequalities in Great Britain."

DATE: Saturday July 2nd 2011
TIME: 12 noon
STARTING POINT: Abbey Street, Winson Green, Hockley, B18 5QS
FINISHING POINT AND RALLY AT: West Midlands Police HQ, Lloyd House, Colmore Circus, Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6NQ    

ROUTE: Assemble in Abbey Street from 12 noon, to march for 1pm, then walk on past the Seacole mental health unit in Winson Green, where Kingsley was taken, then on to Bolton Road, Soho Road and into the city centre to Lloyd House, the headquarters of West Midlands police. There we will rally.

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Article from the Voice:
‘March for Justice’ in Birmingham
By Poppy Brady
HOSPITAL: Kingsley Burrell was on life support and later died

THOUSANDS of people are expected to join a 'campaign for justice' march through the streets of Birmingham next month in support of Kingsley Burrell who died in March following contact with police.
It follows a similar march held in London on April 16 over the death of Smiley Culture, Burrell and others, and to demand an end to deaths in police custody.
Burrell's family said the father of two called West Midlands police for help, was admitted to a mental health unit, and then later transferred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital, where he was pronounced dead four days later on March 31.
No explanation has yet been given as to how and why the 29-year-old died. His family says he had no history of mental health problems and was in good health. Yet family members said he arrived at hospital with physical injuries.
Another inquest hearing is due to take place tomorrow (June 3) at Birmingham Coroner’s Court.
His sister Kedisha Brown-Burrell said: “As a family we are anxious for the coroner to release the body so we can say goodbye properly to Kingsley. The past two months have been extremely traumatic, especially for his two young children, but we have had tremendous support from so many people.
“We are united and will stay united in order to get justice. We have set up a Kingsley Burrell FaceBook page and had so much response.”
Brown-Burrell joined forces with the family of Smiley Culture last month in the peaceful march, which ended in a rally outside New Scotland Yard.
Birmingham’s march on Saturday, July 2, is planned to start in Abbey Road, Hockley, where Kingsley’s family used to live and are still well known.
Maxie Hayles, head of Birmingham’s Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit, said: “The plan is to assemble in Abbey Road from 12 noon, to march for 1pm, then walk on past the Seacole mental health unit in Winson Green, where Kingsley was taken, then on to Bolton Road, Soho Road and into the city centre to Lloyd House, the headquarters of West Midlands police. There we will rally, like we did outside New Scotland Yard.”
Speakers will include members of the Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice, set up in memory of Mikey Powell who died in police custody in Birmingham more than six years ago. There will also be family representing Birmingham-based Julian Webster, who died under controversial circumstances outside the Pitcher and Piano nightclub and bar in Manchester in 2009.
(Published: 02 June 2011 at http://www.voice-online.co.uk/content.php?show=19895)


Article from the Voice:

'Kingsley Burrell's heart showed no obvious abnormality,'     says coroner

THE HEART of tragic Kingsley Burrell who died following contact with police three months ago had "no obvious abnormality" according to a doctor's report, an inquest hearing heard in Birmingham.
But coroner Aidan Cotter said this could not rule out that the condition of the 29-year-old's heart played some role in his death at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on March 31st.
Speaking at the third inquest hearing, Mr Cotter warned Kingsley's family that a full inquest was still a very long time away as the scale of the investigation into the father-of-two’s death was immense. He said he was not able at this stage to tell them when Kingsley’s body could be released for burial.
Kingsley allegedly called West Midlands Police for help on March 27th in the Hockley area of Birmingham where he was out with his five-year-old son. He was admitted to a mental health unit despite his family saying he had no history of mental illness, and transferred three days later to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Mr Cotter said it was crucial to find out what Kingsley’s injuries were when he died and what caused his death so the proper facts could be revealed early.
But he warned against people putting their opinions on the Internet as this could be in danger of prejudicing members of an inquest jury later on.
“The less you put on the Internet the better. What does appear there should be factually accurate, not people’s opinions,” he said. “This is why it is important the correct facts are brought out early so people do not start adding to the story, so we end up with something that is nowhere near the truth.”
Mr Cotter urged anyone with information on Kingsley’s death to write to him directly, as he needed all the information he could gather to get the full picture of how he died.
“All too often at inquests people say ‘why wasn’t that mentioned?’ If they do not tell me, I cannot guess,” he added.
But he said what he had so far had been very helpful, particularly a statement from Kingsley’s mother Janet Brown, a doctor’s report and a letter from his GP.
“I still need more information,” he said. “I need to find out if a crime has been committed and if police officers have behaved themselves. If there are criminal proceedings they will be dealt with by the Crown Prosecution Service; if there are complaints about individual doctors or nurses that will be directed to the General Medical Council and if it’s a case of negligence it will be dealt with by the High Court.”
Mr Cotter outlined the scale of the investigation by explaining that 80 witnesses had to be interviewed and CCTV footage had to be looked at in detail.
At the hearing there were representatives from the Independent Police Complaints Commission, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospital, Birmingham.
Gill Harrad, of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust said detailed statements had been taken from everyone who had contact with Kingsley and 28 interviews had been set up.
She added: “There is also an internal investigation taking place. We are liaising with University Hospital Birmingham and also the West Midlands Ambulance Service.”
The next inquest hearing is due to take place on Monday July 18th where more detailed interim reports are expected to be heard.

(Published: 03 June 2011 at

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