Thursday, 2 June 2011

Please design and display posters for the March 4 Justice on July 2nd in Birmingham.

Poster Details:

 and for all those that have died in suspicious circumstances in police custody.

Kingsley, a father of two, called West Midlands police for help, was admitted to a mental health unit, then later transferred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital, where he was pronounced dead four days later on March 31. He had no history of mental health issues, and was in previous good health yet he was admitted to hospital with physical injuries. The family, and all of us, demand answers.

March with on July 2nd 2011
We march as one people with one aim: Justice!

12 noon
Marching to West Midlands Police HQ 
where we will hold a rally

Speakers include members of the Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Mikey Powell (who died in police custody in Birmingham more than six years  ago), and speakers from the Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture: (the reggae singer who died in suspicious custody in March this year). There will also be family representing Birmingham-based Julian Webster, who died under controversial circumstances outside the Pitcher and Piano nightclub and bar in Manchester in 2009.